Tips for Successful Quince Session
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By Supanik Photography
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Tips for a Successful Quince Photo Session


Your Quince Photo Session should be memorable and super fun.  The key is to be prepared for your session. Here are few tips to make your session go great.

1  Think about bringing a friend along.  This can help you relax and have fun.  The more fun you have during your session, the happier you will look during your session and your pictures will look better.

2  You are likely to be in for a long day.  Get a good night sleep the night before and have a good breakfast.  Many sessions can take several hours depending on the package you choose and you want to feel energized during your entire session.  Bring along snacks and beverages to your session.

3  Be sure to have a good make up artist.  You are going to have a lot of close up pictures and you want to look amazing.   Don't be afraid to have a trial with the make up and hair.

4  Plan you outfits you want to wear ahead of time and discuss them with your photographer.  It is better to have extra outfits.  If you have a quince dress, be sure to plan far in advance with the rental company and be sure to try the dress on for fitting early the day prior to your photo session in case additional alterations need to be done.

5  Bring plenty of accessories such as earrings, necklaces, sunglasses and hats.    For your pictures you may want to have larger, bolder looking earrings so they show up in the pictures.

Remember a well planned session will make your session go smoother and you will get better pictures.

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