Tips for Brides
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By Supanik Photography
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Some Simple Advice for Brides

It may seem obvious, but having a thorough checklist for your vendors can prevent things from going wrong.  Don't be afraid of including too much detail on your master checklist.  Your vendors will appreciate a time table of your wedding day.   

When scheduling your hair and make up be sure to give plenty of time for pictures.  Your photographer will not want to rush on your wedding day.  The bride should be probably the first to be done, this gives your photographer plenty of time for getting ready pictures and if your hair and make up artist run a little late, it is better for you to be the first to be ready.

Have written instructions with addresses for your flowers to be delivered.  Remember that the groom and his groomsmen and family may be getting ready at a different address.  Your decorator or florist will need to know this in advance in order to have both deliveries on time.  We usually start taking pictures of the groom before the bride.   We alway suggest that his boutonnieres get delivered first.  

After the ceremony most brides want family pictures.  Having one person in charge of rounding up and organizing family members helps to get those family pictures done efficiently which will leave more time for the bride and groom to have location pictures or spend time with their guests at the reception.  An unorganized time for family pictures can take as much as an extra half hour: definitely not a good use of time.

Be sure the family members and bridal party knows where to line up after being introduced at the reception.  This will help avoid any awkward moments for them trying to figure out where to stand after they walk in the reception.

One last tip,  think of having a family member in charge of gathering the wedding presents and putting them away before the reception ends.  

The little details can help insure that your wedding day runs totally stress free.


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