Thinking of a Destination Wedding
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By Supanik Photography
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Planning a Destination Wedding

Think Location, Location, Location


Think in terms of what kind of mood does the location of your dream destination wedding provide whether is be a tropical paradise in the Caribbean or an elegant affair in Italy.  Either way your guests will be excited to travel to your romantic destination.

Know your location ahead of time.  This is a must. Plan to visit your destination, get to know the area, things to do for your guests, the hotel accommodations and most importantly your vendors!  Have the same expectations from the wedding planner, florists, DJ and all of the vendors as you would if your wedding were in your home town.

The Cost

Your destination wedding probably should not cost anymore than if you were having your wedding at home.  Many destinations may even be significantly less expensive.  


Hire a Wedding Planner

A good wedding planner who has experience at your destination is essential.   The planner will know the ins and outs of the area as well as the vendors and venues.   Your planner can help with all of the details such as transportation for your guests, where to dine, etc.  Be sure to get plenty of referrals and check the reviews online.


Make it Easy for Your Guests

Have arrangements for group rates on flights and hotel accommodations.  You want to make traveling as easy as possible for your guests.  Organize a welcome cocktail party for your guests as well as a dinner and brunch.  This gives them a chance to get to know each other and organize events together on their free time.


Be Aware of All-in-One Deals

Be careful as you would in your home town of venue that offer all-in-one packages.   This may seem like it makes it easier on you, but these venues often will hire the cheapest vendors such as florists, DJ, and photographer available on the day of your wedding.  One of the biggest advantages of a destination wedding is the beautiful pictures.  You don't want to mess up on this one.

Have Fun

Lastly remember that a destination wedding is fun for everyone.  Your guests can make a mini-vacation of their time with you.   Most importantly is a destination wedding gives you and your guests time to spend together  the week of your wedding that you would not do in your home town.  This will be the most memorable experience for you and you fiancé.  Enjoy!


Winter Wedding in Florence

Winter wedding in Florence - Photography by Supanik Photography, destination photographers located in Miami, Florida; Wedding Planner @savvyeventstudio; Videography by

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