Just Engaged - Now What To Do?
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By Supanik Photography
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Don't worry too much about having a wedding that is perfect from start to finish.

 As long as your are well organized, communicate well and have realistic expectations your wedding will exceed your expectations.


Start Early

You want to get a good start on planning your wedding.  Don't worry about having every detail perfect the first week, their will be plenty of changes along the way.


Stay Organized

This may seem obvious, but it is essential to have lists.  Check out the many apps available on websites such as WeddingWire.com.


Create a Checklist for Your Wedding Without Going Crazy

Once your wedding date is set you need to create a checklist.  Stay calm during this process and take it one step at a time, it may seem a bit overwhelming.

Plan on taking a couple of hours each Sunday to work on your planning and to-do items.

Don't be afraid to have your fiancé get involved and help a little bit.  Be sure the groom knows what items of the planning he is responsible for and when those items need to be done.  He will have fun and appreciate being part of the planning.  At the same time, don't overwhelm him with too many items he may not be interested in.

Communication is of utmost importance.  When hiring professionals such as wedding planners, DJs, florists and photographers communicate upfront your expectations and have it in writing.  This will help assure there are no misunderstandings.  Always try to get the best price, but don't go cheap on the things most important to you.  Your guests may not remember the brand of whisky served at your wedding, but your video and wedding pictures are forever.

Enjoy you planning!!


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